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I’ve been driven crazy by trackback spam on this blog for quite some time. About twice a week I’d get like 20 emails telling me of all the trackbacks on my posts. I made it so that I would have to moderate the comments before they would appear in an effort to stop it, but this stupid blogging software won’t stop trackbacks that way. I reenabled the automatic postings and finally discovered that if I got rid of trackback.cgi (doh!) it seems to have stopped them. I did that last week. So far so good. It amazes me how these annoying spammer

So the wife-al unit and I had a blast getting away for our 10th wedding anniversary last weekend. We went back to Fort Wayne where we lived back then. Friday night, which was our actual anniversary, we ate at Takaoka, one of those Japanese restaurants where they entertain you by cooking in front of you. It was nice. Not my favorite Japanese place, but they did give us a flaming bowl of sherbert since it was our anniversary. Cool!

Saturday we went to a brewery festival at Munchie Emporium(Mad Anthony Brewery). Munchie’s is probably our favorite place in Fort Wayne. It’s kind of an eclectic place. I’m a little disappointed that the menu has changed so dramatically in the last couple of years, but they still offer my favorite, so I don’t complain. The festival featured ten breweries, all from Indiana except one from Michigan. Some damn fine beer there. Everything from light ales, to IPA’s, to Imperial Stouts. I don’t think I really tasted a bad beer. My favorite was the Beltaine Scottish Ale from the Northshore Brewery. I also really liked Mad Anthony’s Octoberfest beer.

There was quite a lot of interesting people at the festival also. From the Coldplay lead singer lookalike (who ended up stone motionless on the curb with head in hands) to the pervert in the wheelchair (who grabbed my wife’s behind, is it bad taste to beat up a crippled guy?). We met a guy in the band who was a World War II refugee from Yugoslavia fleeing the Russians. There was the guy from Wapakoneta (about an hour south of where I live) who drove over by himself. I wish I could remember his name, he knew a lot. Then there was the guy who hit on the wife-al unit and then seemed almost scared, sorry, and very respectful of me when I came back. I truly think he thought she was single. But he really tried to be my buddy then, encouraging me to start home-brewing. We met one of the owners of Munchie’s and many interesting characters from the other breweries.

Later we went to More Than Games where we got The Storybook Game and Snorta for the kidlings, and Formula De Mini and Duell for me. I was really contemplating getting Attack! but didn’t know much about it and didn’t think I’d get to play it much. Then we finished off the night at some Mexican restaurant nearby. It was pretty good.

It was a wonderful weekend. I’m sad it went so fast.

I think in my first blog entry I talked about being excited for a new season of Alias. Tonight another new season started, and I’m about ready to give up on the show. A certain character got killed that I really don’t think the show can last without. They had enough stupid weird crap in last season. If they pull some soap opera stunt and bring the character back, that will definately do it. As it is, I don’t know whether I can keep watching it. It’s painful.


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