Pit prep

Worked a lot on Pit today. Absolutely none of it on the season 5 enhancements though. Everything was related to Farm Playoffs and Black Pit Finale. Previous years, I’ve had to actually modify code so that I could run those things. Then get my original version back from source control afterwards. Stupid yes, but I never made the commitment to fix it. Today I did. Of course, I won’t test it until the next playoff season. 🙂 As with most things Pit, I don’t test until it’s live. I’d like to set up a better production/development type scheme for season 5. Don’t know about that though. I also got the web site updated for the new season.

The Pit BBQ is this Saturday. I can’t wait to get some gaming in with the stablemasters. Wedgie-man.. I mean Way Cheeeeeee(?), and I are contemplating an early start to get some Crusader Rex. It’ll be my first block wargame, but I like the crusades topic, so I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully we can do it.

I’ve got to use my free time this week well. We’ve got only one night this week with nothing planned. Add the eldest’s homework into the mix and I’ll be pulling out my hair.

I’m watching a show on Captain Henry Morgan at the moment. I find the pirate stuff very interesting.


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