Sleepless in Ohio

I’m still up because I don’t feel like I could sleep and don’t want to waste time in bed. So I figured I’d surf the web for a while to get myself tired. Lucky you, eh?

Looking forward to a quiet weekend. Nothing is planned. I opted out of the work golf outing, for the simple fact that I require a weekend of nothing. And since I’ve golfed like 3 times in the last two years, it’s not a big priority.

The biggest thing I have planned now for the weekend is to drag the smoker out and give another go at smoking some beef and chicken. We’ll see how it goes. Hopefully better than previous trials.

This weekend will also most likely tell me how much a possibility the Pit ideas for season 5 are of really getting completed on time. The little bit that I have actually worked on things have been for things that should have been done before other seasons. Namely, making an easy way to run the Farm and Black Pit playoffs without having to hack code.

There are three main changes proposed. I see a possibility that two of them could get done. The third is quite big in scope, and I don’t see me getting it done in time for when I’d like to start season 5.

Big news!! If you haven’t already seen in the forum, the Wedgie-Man is back blogging in primetime! Head to the forum and check the other category. If you’re interested you’ll find it. Sometime I’ll have to post the story of just how I know the Wedgie-Man(sorry, Jim, that’s what your old and current blog links remind me of). I’d post a direct link, but I seem to be having a lot of spam trouble on this blog of late.

About every week, I’ll get like 20-30 trackback spam on a bunch of my posts. Unfortunately, BBlog doesn’t allow the moderation of trackbacks. I’m kind of looking at WordPress right now for a possible migration, but I don’t see it taking my existing posts. BBlog doesn’t give me many options. I’d like to have a set of links on the side, but it only shows links when you’re looking at comments. I’m not an html or php guru, so I can’t change things without the embedded helpers, which don’t exist for what I’d like to do. Oh well.

I would like to get my den area in the basement cleaned and go through my games that I think could be played at the Pit BBQ next weekend. I need to get some familiarity with a few games in case they’re needed.

Some big weeks coming up here. Next week is the eldest’s birthday and then the following week is mine. Later next month, is the big 10 year anniversary. Feel free to give me any advice from those of you have have gone through a 10 year. Which for the two of you that read this, might be highly unlikely.


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  1. 2!3054). Says:

    Wedgie!?!? Ok, repeat after me…. Waaaaay Cheeeee, Waaaay Cheeeee, way chee!

    10 years, eh? Amatuer! 🙂 It’ll be 13 for myself and Mrs. 2!3054). here on Monday.

    – wedgie man

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