It’s been a while and the situation finally presented itself to post.

Most importantly, my eldest girly-wog scored her first soccer goal tonight. She’s playing so much more confidently this season than she did last. I think the summer camp really helped. I was so happy for her, she seemed to have an extra jump in her step after that.

I can’t talk about soccer without mentioning our English soccer friends that deserve the credit for running such a great camp and being such a great group of guys. Tony, who stayed with us, suprised us with a telephone call the other weekend. He got back to London safely. I’m thinking the other boys are probably pretty close to their trip back.

My eldest made up a game for us to play tonight. Not really a game but a pretty cool family activity, I think. I paired with her while the wife-al unit partnered with the youngest. My eldest would draw pictures and then I would write the words to make a story. We had like 5 or 6 pages to our story. Luckily I didn’t have to show my poor artistic skill, but I am a bit windy for a children’s book.

Had night 8 of our poker season last Friday. Hold-em’s starting to lose some of its flair for me. I actually forgot until someone told me last week that we had a game. I’ll probably stick with it since I enjoy the comraderie more than the game. I’m thinking I need to change my style somewhat. I don’t know for sure, but I think I’ve become predictable. You know I’d love to ask someone, but could I believe what they tell me? I maintained my consistent point making by taking a second place finish. Highlight of the night was being able to shove pocket aces down the throat of my heads up opponent who had been pushing me around.

The wife-al unit and I have been enjoying our English DVD’s. I really enjoy Alli G. His Borat on England segments just crack me up. His interview with David and Victoria Beckham was awfully funny. Pheonix Nights started off slow but has become quite entertaining the last couple of episodes.

Can’t think of anything else right now, other than I’m looking forward to this weekend because we have nothing planned. We’re hoping to do some family activities and I’d like to get the smoker out.


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