Been thinking about good sportmanship lately. The two close games we played against the Care-E-It were probably some of the most rewarding games I’ve played in. Obviously the ones we got whomped on weren’t enjoyable at all, but these two were struggles. Of course it made it better that we won the struggle, and yeah losing a game like that is probably harder than losing a blowout.

Anybody who knows me, probably knows that I can be extremely competative. Probably a little too much at times. Especially with board games at times. But even when I have a rare lapse of poor sportsmanship, I think I always catch myself and apologize. Sorry if there was a time I didn’t.

The reason I got thinking about this is that the other night during the final game we got the benefit of a bad call by the umpire. We ended up capitalizing on it scoring 3 runs and eventually won by 1. But that’s softball. Those calls happen both ways all season long. You just have to overcome them. There was a questionable call or two against us, but we didn’t whine, much :). Anyways, after the game was over and we were shaking hands, a guy from the other team said something about how we better buy a beer for the ump for that one call. Of course, later he said he was just joking, but this guy’s normally a jerk anyways, so you know he meant it. Later he did apologize which was good, but to me, it sounded like he implied that they were the better team but just didn’t hit. We beat them 3 out of 5 games, so whatever.

It just amazes me that somebody can take a casual softball league so seriously. But he’s that way for every game.

Don’t know why I wrote anything about this, I guess I was just in a writing mood and had the time.


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