Softball recap or Oh my aching back


The day started at 11am where we took on Miller’s. They were one of the top 4 seeds, 2nd or 3rd, I’m not sure. They also were one of the two teams to beat us during the regular season, by one run. I knew that we could beat them but it would probably be a tough game. Another low scoring game, for softball, which has become our trademark. We ended up winning like 10-5. High point for me was late in the game with a runner on 2nd. They intentionally walked our coach to get to me. I made it hurt by clearing the bases with a double. Sweet!

That set up a battle against the Care-E-It, which is probably overall the best team in our league. They don’t always win everything, but they have another gear when they need it. We did beat them during the regular season by a couple of runs. This one was a struggle. We jumped to an early lead only to see them quickly dissolve it and put us down. It was back and forth and we battled back to tie it up in the 5th. After shutting them down in the top of the 6th, we were unable to score to put pressure on them in. We shut them down again in the top of the 7th. All we needed was a run in the bottom of the 7th and we’d win. Things started off good but we were unable to push a run across. To extra innings we went and they scored one. The bottom of the order came through huge and we scored two runs to win the game and put ourselves into the tournament championship.

Once again my high moment was having someone intentionally walked to get to me, and once again making it hurt by singling in some runs.

We were the winners bracket finalists and assured of at least a second place trophy. Our opponent would have to beat us twice to win the tournament.

After watching a couple of games, the Care-E-It would once again face us as the losers bracket finalist.

Game 1 saw them come out with a vengeance. They hit and hit and we just couldn’t keep up with them. I think it ended up something like 18-10.
Game 2 was more of the same. It was 18-2 after two innings. And although we avoided being run-ruled, we just couldn’t keep our hitting consistent. It ended up something like 22-12.

So that sucked. We didn’t even give them a game in the championship. Fatigue was a huge factor for us I think, but they didn’t really show it until late in game 2. They just have another gear that they can go into. All in all, it was a great tourney. And winning some hardware is always nice. This should help solidify our new sponsor.

I can say one thing. I don’t know how those 40+ guys do it. I’m an absolute wreck. My almost 34 year old body aches everywhere. It hurts to bend down to sit on the toilet. Granted, playing shortstop is a lot more of an active position than others. I’d hate to give it up though, because I like the action. I just hate running into the outfield for cutoffs.

Tonight we have our final regular season game, a make-up of a rain-out game. If we win, we end up tied for the league lead and then have to play Wednesday to decide the league champ. Hopefully, my body will be ready.


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