I wanna be a rock star, not an average joe

How bout that? An Average Joe finally won. Shocking. I figured it would be the same thing as usual, but it appears this girl has some brains and can evaluate the whole package, not just the eye candy.

While I’m showing what a reality show loser I am, is anybody watching Rock Star:INXS? I’ve always like the band but for some reason never got any of their albums. (That may change.) Whoever came up with this show is a genius. I bet INXS sales have really gone up. And this is a band that dissappeared after their lead singer died. I really doubt that once this show is over that they’ll really have all that much success, but while this show’s on, it keeps them on the radar.

Now for the important question: Does anybody really believe they would consider having a female front the band? I’m not being chauvinistic here. A lot of the girl contestants are very good. It’s just that I can’t see a female replacing Michael Hutchence in singing those songs. Sorry.

One last thing. I never knew how easy it was to buy a DVD player that can play DVD’s from around the world. And I found it on Amazon to boot! We have some DVD’s from the UK because bonehead me forgot about that stupid region crap. So for the nuts I searched for a player on Amazon and found a bunch. So now we can watch our British DVD’s. Cool.

Why are those men in suits at my door?


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