A most rewarding experience

This week we’ve had a 20 year old gentleman from London staying with us. My eldest girlywog signed up for a British soccer (football) camp that took place this week and we checked the box that said we’d be interested in hosting a coach. We’ve always fancied the UK and decided to give it a try, even though we didn’t expect to get pick. Time went by and we heard nothing about the host aspect until like 5 days before he actually arrived. Talk about a sudden suprise. A mad scramble ensued to make sure the house was cleaned and the fridge stocked and Tony arrived Sunday night.

This has been probably one of the most rewarding weeks my family has experienced. We’ve learned so much from Tony and he (and Ben and Dan, the two other coaches) have definately become one of the family. Hopefully we represented America good.

Tonight we’re going out with the other host family and taking all three out to eat. And then tomorrow they will be gone, on to the next town’s soccer camp. I’m feeling like I do when you’re on an enjoyable vacation, having a great time but knowing that it will all end soon. I definately hope we can stay in touch and when we do finally make it to England, do something on their home turf.

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