The monthly post?

(This first part was written on Saturday)
Tis about time that I give an update over the last few weeks. I sometimes feel guilty that I don’t update this thing more, but as somebody told me, “That’s okay. Because when you do, you usually have a long entry.” So that made me feel good. But really why should I care about not doing something that I don’t have to do. So I don’t. I just wish I would have time to post more. What I need to do is carry a little notepad around with me and make notes in it as I think of them. It seems my head thinks in blog-form. Throughout the day I have these silent conversations with myself that would make great blog posts, but they usually get lost before I ever get around to jotting them down here. So I’ll see if I can give that a try. And maybe try to post smaller posts more often. Yeah right, who am I kidding!

A few downers over the last month or two. An old friend of mine is having a rough time in his life right now. While we’ve had our differences in the past, I think we’re past that and have gone back to getting along like we used too. It’s a shame that he’s having these troubles. I hope things pick up for him and we can get together for a good time.

Cries out for help come in a variety of forms. Hopefully, I’m observant enough to catch the signs and not overly dense. If so, hit me over the head and just come out and ask. And yeah I’m looking for a date.

You may or may not know my passion for grilling. I’ll talk about my last big grilling exploit later. But now I’m trying my hand at smoking. I bought a gas smoker last week along with some mesquite and hickory chips. As I write this I’m smoking some food. Cornish hens, chicken breasts, potatoes, a vegetable medley, and whole cloves of garlic. I’m using some hickory wood for smoke and keeping the temp between 200-250. I’m kind of just playing this by ear, as I haven’t done all that much research into recipes or got all that much advice. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

The second round of the Pit playoffs is ready to go. This year’s playoffs saw two playoff virgins get in. One is still active and has a pretty good shot at the title I believe. The other three left, include two former champions and the only stable ever to win a playoff series against one of the others. Should be an exciting final two rounds.

Last weekend, I hosted my poker group’s monthly outing. The first real planned poker get-together was here, so this was kind of a return to one of the roots. In that first time, I served peanuts and salsa. Since then, the food has escalated beyond control. I have constantly joked for the past few months how I’ll have to serve filet mignon just to compare. Well, I guess I can’t talk anymore, as I’ve added to the escalation. We had peanuts, nacho dip, and black bean salsa for the snacks. From there I grilled everything. Wasabi chicken, my award winning chicken wings, jalepeno brats, screaming stuffed jalepeno peppers, and grilled shrimp. I figured it was a bit much and was told that as I brought out the next course. But amazingly, the only left overs were 3 brats and 3 stuffed jalepenos. I was pretty much stunned. I must say, that I need to make some of this stuff for my next Pit gathering (which I need to set a date for). It pretty much threw my sensible eating out the window though. Along with many Black & Tan’s and Half and Half’s. Yummmmm! Guinness is good!

And speaking of poker night, things were hopefully put back on track for me. After earning a big zero in points last time, I logged points in all four points matches. Yippee! The standings now show me in a dead tie for second place, Unholy still well out in front, one other player 15 points back of me, and then some separation. I wouldn’t mind if that separation trend between the top 4 and the rest of the field continues. WIth 3 nights left before the finale, I’m looking to establish myself. The bad thing is that the final table chip totals currently are showing Unholy as having nearly a 2-1 advantage over the next closest.
(This next part was written on Monday)
As far as memorable moments, I have a few. There was the time I believe I picked up on someone’s tell and pushed it all in and was then awarded with some internal gloating when they folded after some very laboured deliberation on their part. The two times that two players had the exact same hand, and the other person who stayed in the hand was able to take advantage of their split odds. The closest to my heart was when I had pocket aces, the hand of hands. You probably remember that pocket aces have a very bad track record in my group. I was very tempted to just push hard pre-flop to take it down right there, but there just wasn’t enough chips to make me happy, so I limped in. My blood froze when two kings were turned on the flop. Now it’s very hard for me to turn down a hand as good as pocket aces. Granted I should have raised before the flop and thank you very much, I’ll remember that for next time. But you just can’t expect me to ditch POCKET ACES! So in first position, I went all-in. Stupid? YES! Especially went the guy behind me happily and quickly called. AND THEN THE GUY AFTER HIM CALLED! What’s the deal?

Now of course the first guy had a king. The next guy had a prayer from what I remember. So there I was, ticked off at not pushing before the flop, and then ticked off at such an inopportune time for the board to pair. The turn was no help. Hear that big sucking sound? Yep, I sucked out. An ace on the river. But hey, if you go back to before the flop, I was ahead at the time. So really, the percentages held out. So all you people who think I played that hand badly and got lucky, you’re right. But hey, percentages rule man!

The smoking (the food kind) I did on Saturday and Sunday turned out okay. Things were drier than they should have been but they were still good. I don’t think this smoking thing fits in with my lazy man lifestyle. You really have to plan ahead, and that’s the reason I’ll never use charcoal. So I’m going to have to compromise my morals for this one, because I’m going to keep at it. There’s an art to smoking, from what I’ve heard, and I plan on exploring it.


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  1. Nick Says:

    Cool, we got a smoker a couple months ago so we could smoke up some salmon fillets. If you like fish, I recommend trying your hand at smoking some salmon. We havent tryed anything else yet, but just the salmon was worth getting it.

  2. FloydWing Says:

    I did a salmon filet along with a roast on Sunday. The salmon was probably the thing that turned out the best.

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