Finally, a post!

Well, since my last real blog entry came nearly 20 days ago, I figured I owed it to my one loyal reader to give an update on my life. 🙂 You know who you are!

Poker Night
All I can say, is that points-wise it sucked. Enjoyment-wise, it was another story. For the first time this season, I ended the night without putting any points on the board. And for the first night since we started holding these monthly games, I didn’t finish in the money once. A very harsh ego bruiser to say the least. But oh well. The first three games saw our points leader (Unholy to those who follow this blog) getting knocked out first. And yours truly had a lot to do with that. I seemed to start every game like a thoroubred horse bolting out of the gate and ended it by slowly fading away. But it was quite fun to play such a hand in Unholy’s downfall. He and I are very competative in this, so thinking I had the upper hand on him for those three games (when I haven’t all season) was nice. Even though he eventualy won game 4, it was still an enjoyable night.

I seem to have taken on a hate relationship with open ended straight draws. The first three games, I was knocked out after going all in after I flopped an open ended draw. I wouldn’t say that I went all-in whilly nilly. I sensed weakness, and with two more cards to come and eight cards that could help me, I felt good. It just didn’t work out.

Anywho, two Fridays from now, the poker night is at my house. The biggest challenge is figuring out what food to prepare. It’s seemed to grow beyond the peanuts and salsa that I served at our original get together over a year ago. I’m also planning to have a special 5th (non-point) game with different rules. I hope people want to stick around for it.

Whoa! I’m watching Star Wars episode 2 on Fox (?). I missed the very beginning. I can’t believe Jar Jar Binks is in the senate? What the heck? Oh, and does anybody else feel a little guilty thinking what a hottie Natalie Portman is? I remember watching her in The Professional ten years ago when she was a little kid. If you are a Natalie fan, you owe it to yourself to watch Closer. It’s a bit different, but it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Like Heaven.”

I had meant to talk about the upcoming Wing-Off that I was going to compete in, but that happened last weekend. So all I have to say is, I WON! A total of five of us grilled our chicken drummettes for the judges. And I won. Pretty amazing. I was shocked and thrilled to have been voted the best. Perhaps at the next Pit gathering I’ll make some wings. A lot of prep is involved though, and you all know how lazy I am.

I meant to write a grand story for my B-17 mission 2. But since I’ll never get to it, I’ll summarize. The mission had an identical target as mission 1. The first german fighter wave we encountered resulted in the ball turret getting stuck and inoperational. We all said a silent prayer, hoping that we would make it back safely, since we new that ClanB couldn’t get out of the ball turret without outside help. We survived a wave over the target and were able to drop our bombs with 30% accuracy. On the way back over France, we encountered another wave. A lucky hit on one of our engines ignited a fuel tank. We all had to bail out, with the exception of ClanB who couldn’t (rest in peace). Everybody except for Legion was captured. Bummer! I do think the escape back to England roll is awfully harsh. Now I have to think up all those extra names.

Softball starts on Tuesday. I’m excited. A little more exercise now. Hopefully, we can stay consistent this year from start to finish.

I know I’m a bit late on this, but I’m starting to think The Amazing Race is a little bit fixed. I was rooting for Rob and Amber so maybe I’m a little bit fixed, but here’s the situation. They are in Puerto Rico and now have to go to Miami for the final leg of the race. Rob and Amber make it on this flight that has had the loading ramp pulled away from the plane. It’s all ready to go. The eventual winning team finds out about the flight but is told there is no way they could run down to where they need to get tickets and boarding passes in time. They end up at the where the loading ramp is and plead with the people there to let them on. The person somehow calls the pilot to ask if he’ll come back and let them load (he was in the process of pulling away from the gate). He does and they eventually win. Now I’m not a world traveler by any means, but in today’s security concience world, I just can’t see a plane be allowed to come back to load passengers without some kind of high level intervention. Which pretty much leads me to believe that CBS had some agreement with the airlines for this if it happened. I mean it would have been a pretty boring finale if only one team made it to Miami with a huge lead in time. It just kind of lets me down. I can’t see that it happened any other way.

I was reading an article in a geek magazine about what was in the magazine ten years ago in May 1995. I suddenly realized that I had been out of college less than a month. I was working at my first job in the real world. I must say, I was a lot happier then than where I am now…

Someday I’ll get around to that podcast. Won’t I?


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  1. Nick Says:

    C’mon, I can see the others getting captured but me??? Im pretty sneaky. I also know some German;).

  2. jim Says:

    bout freakin time you almost got moved out of my “special” favorites folder and into the one my kids use

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