B-17 Mission 1

The crew of the Death Pit was in high spirits as they readied for their first mission The crew roster was filled out like so:
   Bombardier – Lieut. Legion of Doom
   Navigator – Lieut. Toolbox
   Pilot – Cap. Maag
   Copilot – Lieut. Rasoli
   Engineer – Mst. Sgt. Teamo
   Radio Operator – Sgt. Knightblades (KB)
   Ball Turret – Sgt. ClanB
   Port Waist – Sgt. Mayhem
   Startbd. Waist – Sgt. Lagoa
   Tail Gunner – Sgt. Shaman Kings (SK)

The mission target was in France, an aircraft factory in Meaulte. The Death Pit was low in the middle of the formation of B-17’s that would make this run. Leaving the 8th Air Force base near London, they headed across the English Channel toward France. Friendly fighter cover was good but no Luftwaffe was seen until the target was neared. The weather over the target was poor but the Germans still came in droves. Five FW190’s swarmed. Lt. Toolbox downed one, while SK and Mayhem got some good hits in, en route to all the 190’s missing.

Another wave appeared consisting of a FW190 coming in from 12:00 high, and two ME109’s. ClanB destroyed the one approaching from 3:00 low while the other and the 190 both hit. An amazing amount of shells tore into the B-17 but no actual system or structural damage was taken. However, screams of pain echoed through the plane. Lieut. Rasoli saw Captain Maag’s head and chest erupt into red spray and he was gone. Immediately following, KB and Rasoli himself received light wounds. Both remaining fighters made another run, but broke off with no more damage done.

Two ME110’s approached. SK immediately took one out, but the other riddled both wings and pulverized engine #3 from 9:00 low. Engine #3 started to runaway but Rasoli was able to shut it down before it caused problems. The 110 came back for another attack but SK sent it down to join it’s brother.

Luckily the crew was over the target, otherwise they would have had to make a choice of jettisioning their bombs early or dropping out of formation. Flak was nonexistent and the bomb run was on target with 20% landing within 1000ft of the aiming point. No more fighters appeared and the formation was able to turn around and head back home.

A 100 miles from London, ClanB bagged a ME110 attempting a vertical climb attack. The Death Pit landed safely back in jolly old England under good weather and will be repaired for the next mission.

In summary, the crew was extremely affected 🙂 by the death of their fearless pilot, Lt. Maag. Knightblades and Rasoli each recovered from their minor wounds. Stars of the show were Clan Bloodwode and Shaman Kings with two kills each. The most disappointing aspect of the mission was the poor fighter cover defense.

Lt. Faithless will take over at pilot for the next mission.


3 Responses to “B-17 Mission 1”

  1. Knightblades Says:

    Luckily, Sgt. KB was able to return. I cant even image what kind of impact his loss would have on the crew.

    Also, I should be receiving mine soon. How long did the mission take to play?

  2. FloydWing Says:

    It took probably 30-60 minutes. I was referring to the sample mission a lot. Your first missions aren’t that far away. I had 3 German attack waves rolled over the target, so resolving each of those took a while.

    As I’ve seen in reviews of the game, you don’t really have that many decisions to make in the game, but quite a bit of dice rolling. But I really did enjoy it though, even after I died.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Tail gunner, eh? Kewl!

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