Beginning of the End or End of the Beginning

I was a little down yesterday. It was one of those type of glum days that you might have had when you were young after a day of having your friends over. After a full day of fun, I would always feel a little empty, missing all the fun I had. So it was that type of feeling.

This past weekend was the wedding of two of our good friends. I may have mentioned previously how we’ve joked about the seventh sign of the end of the world would be when they finally got married. Luckily, nothing happened :). However, with the freakish weather, more than one wedding guest stated that “Hell must be freezing over.”

All kidding aside, it was a great time. It wasn’t that it was any more special than any other wedding that got me missing things. I think the empty feeling came from some realizations that this marked the last time for a lot of things. I don’t have all that many non-married friends left, so this was pretty much the last time I’ll be a groomsman. Something about the special treatment you get when you’re in the bridal party that makes a wedding that much more fun. Being the last of my close friends being married off, it also serves as a reminder that you don’t see all these old acquaintances as much as you did when you were young. And that also reminds you of those friends you don’t or haven’t seen for a long time.

Oh well, the feeling passed, and I enjoyed a nice family day. My eldest had requested a day of fun and games with just the family because she said it seemed like we haven’t gotten to do anything together recently. Hopefully our weekends can back to being boring again. It seems like this year has been a string of constant busy weekends. Once we get through May, I think we can relax a little more. never ceases to amaze me. I decided to by an iTalk and a lapel microphone from Griffin Technologies on the recommendation of a friend. I was all set to checkout at the Griffin site, when I realized that I wasn’t on a secure connection when they wanted me to enter my credit card. I can hardly believe that there’s an e-commerce site that doesn’t use a secure connection. So I dropped that site and went searching for my products on Amazon. Imagine my suprise when they not only had them both, but saved money by buying them there. Just amazing.

Even more amazing to me is how quickly the products get delivered. I ordered the iTalk on Thursday night and it arrived already this morning. The microphone was through on of Amazon’s partners, but it will probably be here in a day or two.

I’ll let you know how the iTalk works out for me as soon as I get to play around with it.

There isn’t a happy ending in life, just a series of moments.


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