Podcast thought

I’ve been tinkering with some tools for this past week that would enable me to make a podcast. For what reason, I have no idea. I was thinking of making a review of what’s left of the Pit season, but time for that is slipping away. I have enough trouble coming up with anything interesting to say in this forum, I don’t know why I would want another place to bore people, myself included. I think it just seems cool.

Adam Curry has been using a new piece of software that his gang has been developing called CastBlaster. It sounds like it would be pretty simple to use. My fear is that this may be where the free ride that Curry has been giving us will end. I know that iPodder is open sourced, but haven’t heard what CastBlaster will be. From hearing him use it, it sounds pretty slick.

I’ve been tinkering with Audacity, but I think it would make a pretty boring podcast. I’d have to manually insert any sound effects or other such novelties into the track that I’m recording. Oh well, maybe I can get one Pit podcast out before the season ends. Maybe, maybe not. I’d love to buy a Mac and try out GarageBand, but me thinks the wife-al unit wouldn’t care for that kind of cash droppage just for a passing hobby.

By the way, I’ve been using the new iPodder 2.0 for about a week now. I really like it. It’s got some nice new features. I really like being able to look back over all the podcasts in the feed and selecting some other than the most recent that I’d like to have downloaded. The previous version only would fetch the most recent podcast of each feed. So that’s a very nice improvement, no more manual downloading of old shows for me. The only problem I’ve been having is I get a DNS lookup failure fairly often. I originally thought this was probably just me, since I think my router is going bad, but it’s happened even when I _know_ I’ve got connectivity. And then I heard it mentioned on the Geek Fu Action Grip podcast that she was having that problem too. I get it now and then on various feeds, not just one. Otherwise, I like it.


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