How's it going?

One of the most annoying and useless questions we humans ask is “How’s it going?” or one of its many derivatives. When we ask this of each other, do we really want a truthful answer back? I’m guilty of asking it myself. My trained default answer to this question is usually “Not bad” or “Pretty good”. Even when I’m extremely pissed, psychotically depressed, or at the pinnacle of joy, my response is always the same useless programmed comment.

It’s one of its derivatives that got me thinking about this yesterday. “How was your vacation?” I took Thursday and Friday off this week. Thursday so that I could try to spend as much time with Shelby as I could and Friday because of what was happening that day. So yesterday during poker night, I was asked many times about my vacation. Suprisingly I strayed from my old reliable replies to “Ok” or when asked about if I got a lot done I’d say “Something like that”. I don’t think it really matters what you say to answer those types of questions. It’s more about small talk than it is about any real interest.

Can you imagine if someone would ever stop and think about the question and give a real answer? Like if I would have said, “Actually, I feel like total crap. We had to put our dog to sleep today and feel very guilty and bad about it.” Talk about a conversation killer and tension builder. I guess I’d really rather just say “I don’t really want to talk about it.” But that would probably have the effect of getting more prodding questions which I really don’t want to mess with. So maybe the “Ok” response will have to do, or my personal favorite “It was there.”

So how are you doing?


3 Responses to “How's it going?”

  1. jim Says:

    I am very sorry to hear about Shelby. As you know I have never been one to be very attached to animals, but when you spend that many years with a pet I could not imagine the hole it leaves in your life. I hope the girls are doing ok (Laurie included). If you need to talk dont hesitate to give me a call anytime.

  2. tim Says:

    I feel for you. I have felt the same way. Hopefully the great memories you have will help you get thru this difficult time. Don’t be down on another pet however, I’ve always thought of them as friends in each stage of my life.

  3. FloydWing Says:

    Thanks to everybody for all the kind words of support I’ve received over the past week.

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