Trying to post

Another busy week to go with an already busy couple of months. Had an Easter gathering with my family on Saturday. I stay undefeated in Memoir ’44 against my nephew. (YESSSS!) My oldest had soccer practice last night. It’s the first organized sport she’s shown interest in. So that’s pretty cool, even though I know nothing about soccer. Her first game is Saturday. The rest of April pretty much sucks, as we’ve got full weekends already planned for us the rest of the month. I’m taking Thursday and Friday off this week to keep my sanity and a few other reasons. Friday is poker night again, so I need to be doing my Zen meditation all week to prepare for it. I’m about 150 points out of first place, so I would really like to close that gap and show my overwhelming supiority. LOL. Then Saturday we’ve got the soccer game and my wife has a bachelorrette party that she had to plan. Who knows about Sunday, I’m sure something will come up to ruin my only relaxing day of the weekend. The Pit season enters the home stretch this weekend as the stables return to division play. That’s about all I know for now in a badly written paragraph.

Oh, one more thing, Rob and Amber on the Amazing Race lost a little of my respect last week. They drove right by another team who had flipped their SUV in the desert giving the asshole line “It’s a race.” Granted there was another team already stopped there, but I think with respect to sportsmanship you should at least ask out your window if there’s anything you can do. Luckily, the injured camera man turned out to be alright. I’m still rooting for them but they kind of annoyed me there.


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