If you’re outside on a cold day and you fart, can other people see it, much like you can see your own breath?
Please don’t tell me that no one else has ever wondered that. These are the types of things I ponder on a cold winter day. No reason why, really.

I had a wonderful day at work today. I spent most of the day talking to some consultants about Linux, Java, and open source. I’ve finally given up on the idea of actually having the time to learn and do a database port by myself, and brought in some help. But I’m hoping to still have a lot of involvement and learning opportunity, though finding that time will still be a chore. I’m always a little bit jealous when I talk to these geeks who are out consulting on these really sweet technologies. I wish a lot of the time that I had chosen a different path in my career. But, it’s looking like I could do some of this totally cool stuff at my very own job! I can’t wait.

I met my very first open source contributor, WOW! This guy has worked on a variety of projects, most prominent would probably be Fedora Core 3. It also sounded like he was on committees for the C++ and Java language specifications. Pretty cool stuff. I just don’t know how people find the time. I’d love to have more time to play with all this crap. But I tend to get in a vicious cycle of popping from one thing to another, and never actually learn anything. Maybe with this cool stuff going on at work, I’ll finally be able to get more involved in some of them. All in the name of work!!! HAHAHA!

I’ve tried to avoid talking about anything work related in this blog, but as long as I’m not complaining, I figure I can break that rule.

I need to start jotting notes down when I think of some things to say here. I had a really cool quote I thought up the other day, but can’t even remember what it was about now. I also owe Shindo a review of Circus Maximus. Short form – it’s pretty fun. Long form – later. Speaking of Shindo, what the heck happened to his blog? It’s disappeared from the face of the web. This morning when I checked there was a link to a new page, but it turned out to be an empty directory. Tonight when I checked, there was no link anymore, just blank page. I know he had said the days of a daily update were coming to an end and he was thinking of moving it because of slowness. So most likely that’s what’s going on. But dammit, I need my fix!

Also speaking of Shindo (and Sixftunda), a few weeks back, I went through the GO tutorial on a Go server. Though I’ve probably forgot half of it, someday I’ll half to figure out how to play you guys in a game.

Interesting side note. My spell checker suggested that Sixftunda be changed to “sissified”. How funny is that?


2 Responses to “Sissified”

  1. Shindo Says:

    2!3054). is dead…. :-/

    Anyway, if you want to play Go sometime, look into downloading the KGS client from and we can set up a time to play!

    — Shindo

  2. sixftunda Says:

    sissified eh? hmm, someone found out about my secret obsession with kelly clarkson. nothing is a secret on the web.

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