Episode 2:Triumph of the Handyman

The handyman made a resurgence early this week. We’ve got a shower drain that backs up about once or twice a year. I don’t know if all the estrogen laced hair in this house is to blame or if a small toy snuck down there years ago. I’ve been able to to overcome this yearly occurrence with my handy 25 foot pipe snake. These things are one of the best inventions of our time. It allows me to reach out and touch the troublesome drain area which is probably in a whole other room. Such a great invention.

This time, however, my battle hardened snake was just not enough. It was rusted and some spots were too twisted to be able to do the job. After two attempts on separate days, I gave up, quite resigned and dissappointed. I figured I’d finally have to call a real plumber type. But instead of calling someone on Monday, after work I got a new 25 foot pipe snake and tried one more time. This time the Handyman kicked the obstruction’s ever-loving &%$#! So the Handyman was able to beat his chest in triumph once again!

By the way, checking back on the troublesome garbage disposal, I’ve found that it must have self-sealed itself, because it no longer leaks. So even in defeat, the handyman triumphs. Yes!


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