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One of my latest acquisitions on the board game front is called Circus Maximus. It’s a chariot racing game set back in the old Roman days. It’s pretty cool. I’ve read just the basic rules and campaign rules and it sounds pretty neat. They were a quick read too. (A lot easier than reading the related Gladiator game rules. Those just don’t flow nicely.) I would love to come up with some sort of related activity for the players in my email game (Pit). I think it would make a nice contrast to the gladiator related activities that is Pit. But as of right now, I’ve had no inspiration on how to bring something like that to the Pit world. Pit is built on rounds, where stables can take part in three different types of fights, among other beneficial fighter activities. So Circus would need changed from a lot of actions taking place that ultimately lead to a completed race, to something that the players would set options before the race that would impact and ultimately decide the outcome.

I’ve had a few ideas, but nothing that excited me. For instance, the stables could build teams of horses along with a driver and then could enter one or two of their teams in a round’s race. But really wouldn’t this just be another Pit like sport? Wouldn’t it just be another set of attributes or characteristics that feed some formulas in a computer program? It might be interesting programming for me to come up with formulas that make sense, but I don’t know if anybody else would find it interesting.

A think a funner alternative would be something that would allow the player to make more decisions, much like the actual game where the players decide each turn how fast their teams will go and what route they around the track. But I wouldn’t know how to bring that to the email game world without making it far too complex to be enjoyable.

I’m hoping I’ll get to play the game tomorrow just to see how it actually plays.


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  1. Shindo Hikaru Says:

    You’ll have to let me know what you think of CM. Supposed to be a pretty darned fun game.

  2. FloydWing Says:

    I’ll give a review of CM when I get a chance.

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