Gaining Strength

Well, hopefully I turned the corner in the old sickness. I’m still feeling rundown and stuffed up to all get out, but I actually crawled into work on time today. Total time missed so far: 3 hours. Quite amazing as I have hardly been able to talk in anything more than a harsh whisper for 3 days. If my head would start clearing up now, that would be great.

Well, I’m having my first bad experience with Ebay. I bought a game and upon receiving it, found that there are no maps, counters, or mission cards for it. It’s pretty much just rulebooks. The description said it looked complete but of course there was a disclaimer that they can’t guarantee used stuff is 100% complete. I would think if you said it looked complete that you would compare the box’s contents with the content listing on the back of the box. Silly me. I’ve contacted the guy. But I’m sure nothing will come out of it. I’m a bit pissed.

Well, once again it’s poker week here. Night 3 of the season is slated for Friday. Hopefully, I can make it, considering my own illness and whether the wife-al unit can avoid getting it. I’m currently sitting in fourth place in the points standings. Sounds like we may have quite a turnout that we’ll need to start with two tables.

I just got done watching poker on the Travel Channel, my normal pre-poker night Wednesday ritual. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get to play a little bit against the compy or the wife-al unit, just to shake the dust off the old gears.

The bad news is I haven’t rode the exercise bike in nearly two weeks. I had decided to take a break from it because my legs were really hurting. I don’t think I did a good job of a warm up/cool down period, I liked to get on it and go. So I was going to let the aches subside a little bit and then start again with a little more intelligent workout format. But then I got sick. So I’m getting a little down about that. I need to get some of these pounds off.


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