The Weekend of Games

Well, here I finally am. The gaming high is all but gone from the weekend, replaced by that empty feeling of wondering where my next fix is going to come from. We got a decent amount of games in. I stayed up much too late trying to hang with the young guys. And I totally blew my diet for probably the next month. It was worth it though.

Friday was primarily the first half of our Blackbeard game. We interspersed some darts and Hold-em. Had some yummy German wheat beer also. I can’t remember the name, but I know it had a monk on it. Blackbeard started out rather bad for me as my first pirate was lost to a mutiny very early in the game. My second pirate also started off in trouble trying to avoid the warships and King’s Commissioners that were constantly hounding me. Finally I was able to accumulate some gold doubloons, 524 to be exact. This amount was less than either of Nick’s active pirates, but I successfully retired nonetheless. My reasoning was that this had been a tough game so far, and that bad fortune could find Nick at any time. So I retired and started up my final pirate. At this time, fortune did indeed change, and Nick found himself constantly being the subject of Warship Intercepts Most Notorious Pirate events. I also began to hunt him with my newly activated King Commissioner. I prowled the Caribbean with my new pirate and was able to capture a few ships and take a couple hostages. After ransoming my hostages and taking a few more prizes I found myself at like 928 gold doubloons. Both of Nick’s final two pirates were in trouble with a lot of combat and speed damage. At this time I decided it was time to retire. The problem was I didn’t have a safe haven and there were only two pro-pirate ports in the Carbibbean that I didn’t have an attack history against, and they were on the other side of the board. After avoiding those who would do me harm on my way to the first port, I was able to anchor in port. My next turn I would be able to retire. But Nick was able to have a warship appear and oust me from the port. I then had to run to the other port, where I was able to successfully retire. After disposing of Nick’s last pirate with my King’s Commissioner, the game was over. I had accumulated the most net worth and won the game. Eric had a tough time with his pirates. They lived a long life but just couldn’t find any decent prizes. By the end, he was busy playing pirates on the computer.

I think this game definately needs some of the improvements that I’ve seen on BGG. Very rarely did any of us find a prize from searching. It’s impossible to actually capture a new ship, which I think would be the only chance you have of getting near 100 noteriety, since that would enable you to take bigger prizes and attack ports easier. Also, though I didn’t mind it that much, you can go quite a while before getting a turn. All in all, an enjoyable game that I thing would be more entertaining with a few tweaks. I’m very glad that it’s over though, so I don’t have to keep trying to become more familiar with the rules. This is by far the worst set of rules that I’ve read in an Avalon Hill game. There was just too many important things that were hidden in different parts of the rules. I tried to make a little cheat sheet (which grew into 4 pages) and if I ever get around to cleaning it up and typing it up, I’ll put it on BGG.

Got to play two scenarios in Memoir ’44, which I really enjoyed. This is a light, light wargame, which I would also argue doesn’t really show much in the way of tactics. But I really had fun with it. The first scenario was Arracourt. My Germans pretty much just went toe to toe in this one. Tanks were the name of the game. The second one we played was Point du Hoc with my Germans defending a D-Day beach assault. This one was quite a nail biter and went right down to the end, ending with a barrage finishing off a hapless infantry unit. I can’t wait to see my nephew’s write up.

We finally got to play Munchkin. This isn’t bad, but I’d like to play it some more since we were just learning the game. Also, played a game of Mille Bornes. I don’t think we were playing this one correctly though. I’ll have to read the rules someday.

The weekend was finished with a massive 100 point game of Pirates of the Spanish Main. My Spanish commander turned out to be a treacherous leach, making a truce with and then betraying the happless pirates. I couldn’t help myself and I hope my nephew doesn’t hold it against me for too long. Basically I went head to head with the pirates to start, then realized the English would have an easy mop up job if that continued. So we joined up against the English who ran like sissies, and then put myself into a position to ambush and totally annihilate a pirate ship at point blank range. I did this because the pirates were salvaging and repairing all the derelict ships from our first encounter. So the English and I disposed of the pirates and then I easily snuffed the English. See a write up of it at PotSM Battle.

This game isn’t as bad as my initial impression. However, I was able to make an untouchable ship combo. With the combination of crew and escort ships, my El Garante would only miss on a 1, and I could reroll one miss. I had other ships surrounding it to protect it from direct damage most of the time, only exposing it when I could bring my broadside to bear on a juicy target. Not much to this game, I kind of classify it with Memoir but not as fun. I think next time we should make up a scenario and take away the possiblity of alliances, integrating that into the scenario. For instance, have the English and Spanish go pirate hunting but give the pirates more points to compensate.

All in all, a very enjoyable weekend. I can’t wait for the next, though I don’t know when that might be. I borrowed Memoir to see if I could get the wife-al unit interested and now I’ve got many other game rules to figure out, the first of which will be Ambush! Time for bed. See ya.


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