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Just a real small bit here about the cancellation of the hockey season. The first real negotiation after how many years of all this doomsaying about the collective bargaining agreement expiring and they can’t each come half way. Wonderful. And so they are this close, the season is cancelled, but they stay negotiating to get this done, right? Of course not, what sense would that make. Both sides packed up the wagons and I’ll probably be here next February complaining about the same thing. IDIOTS!!!!!!

I’ve begun somewhat of an oddessy(sp?). I’ve been regretting selling all the games that I owned in a previous lifetime. You see, I was a game junkie. I would sell off games in order to buy other games. Heck, I’ve been having my memory jogged about games that I’ve forgotten I owned at one time. My biggest regret was letting Space Hulk go. So last night I successfully made my first Ebay purchase of a game I used to own. Firepower. I don’t know if I ever really played it, but it was in my collection at one time. I got it at a very nice price so I took it. I’m also wanting to pick up those games I always wanted but for some reason never got. Why am I doing this? I don’t know. I think it gives me some comfort for some reason. This recent learning of Blackbeard has given me a new appreciation of these old games. I’ve now got a table set up in the basement that I hope to always have something set up on. I really don’t know why I’m doing this. A way to avoid real work?

My Saturday of gaming this weekend has almost turned into a weekend of gaming. Festivities start tomorrow night and go into Saturday. We’ve got a lot of games lined up to play. Blackbeard, of course, is the centerpiece of this whole thing. But I’m really looking forward to seeing what Memoir ’44 is like. We’ve got a lot of games that will be on site, even though we’ll probably end up playing like 2. 🙂 I’ll try to take some good notes, so I can give you a good recap of the weekend.


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