Seems that there is a faint glimmer of hope for the hockey season. The league subsided on their demand for tieing a cap to player salaries and the union backed down from their “no cap” stance. A deadline of tomorrow at 11am has been put forth by Bettman along with the notice that the league’s latest offer isn’t an opening for bartering. I think the league has finalized with a $44 mil cap and the last offer from the players union was $52 mil.

At least they’re talking for a change. But the real question here is, “What the @&%! took so long!” We’ve almost lost the entire season before people start getting serious. Idiots! The one thing that I really hope comes out of this, as soon as an agreement is signed is that Bettman and Goodenow are canned before the inks dry. Hockey doesn’t have the room for both of those egos.

We’re watching Secret Window right now, one of those many movies based off a Stephen King book. Johnny Depp’s in it. I’ve gained a whole new appreciation for him since I saw Pirates of the Caribbean and even better Once Upon a Time in Mexico.


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  1. Shindo Hikaru Says:

    Well, hockey is dead this year. Morons!

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