Valentine's Day (of Sickness)

Note of interest: This is the first post where I will attempt to use the program w.bloggar to post this remotely. I decided to try this out since sometimes I lose my entire post if I take too long and my bblog session times out.

I took today off, like I have the past so many Valentine’s Days. I wasn’t planning on it this year, but I started thinking about it last Thursday, and surprise here I am. The wife-al unit and I had planned on heading out for a nice romantic breakfast after dropping off the girlywogs for school. We’d have 2.5 whole hours of just us time to spend. We were looking forward to it.

But it twas not to be. Both our little girlywogs ended up being home sick today. So instead of breakfast, we had a nice romantic drive to the doctor’s office. The eldest has been sick since coming home from school last Wednesday and just can’t seem to shake it, even though she’s had a steady diet of doctor prescribed meds, tylenol, and motrin. The youngest woke up last night with a fever complaining that her ear hurt. The diagnosis, they’ve got a virus. Best bet is that the eldest had strep and is over it, but the super drainage is still inflaming her throat and otherwise making her miserable. The youngest, who you’d never expect as having anything because how goofy she’s been this morning, has something related with congestion and ear infection. So it looks like they may miss a few more days of school.

So we’ll make the best of it. Hopefully the eldest will get feeling better once the meds start taking affect, and we can have a nice family day. And hopefully we all get better and I can avoid the illness, so next weekend’s gaming doesn’t get interrupted. I’ve got a couple of nephews who need to be taught who’s the man. 🙂

Surprise, surprise! I’m still sticking with my nightly workout on the stationary bike (for the most part). I have an occasional night off, but am sticking with this longer than I ever have. I don’t know if I’ve really lost any weight, but have started noticing I need to put my belt tighter.

My practice/learning game of Blackbeard came to an end Friday night. Player 1 was more or less the winner. I think I let it drag out longer than it was supposed to, but hey, it was just to work out the mechanics. I’ve got a new solitaire version all set up and ready to go. Hopefully I can get that finished by next weekend and will have all the rules perfect in my head for the weekend of gaming. I’m very excited to play Memoir ’44. I haven’t played a wargame in so long I’m ready to burst. Hopefully, I will enjoy it. It seems somewhat of a lighter wargame from what I’ve seen of it, but I still can’t wait to try it out. My nephew who’s bringing it has never lost, so any advice for me would be greatly appreciated. I’m also going to pull a few games out of my games closet and see if there’s any that I could get reaquainted with soon enough that I could introduce him to.

Note: w.bloggar put the post up on my site fine, but didn’t change it to a live post. When I tried it again, it made a duplicate draft post. Some things I need to figure out.


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