20 seconds left in overtime

I’m quite bummed. The NHL season is pretty much history. Saturday supposedly is the overdue deadline, and since both sides are idiots and not talking anymore, it’s canceled in my book. I think I’ve pretty much figured there would be no season when this whole thing started. I think both sides can take some responsibility for the current financial troubles in the league, but they can’t get their heads out of their ass long enough to come up with something.

I’m also kind of annoyed by the NHL players starting to play in the minors. Yeah, I’d go see them if given the chance, but it seems kind of two-faced to me. Not only are they playing in leagues that have salary caps (which they’re so against), but they are crossing over into leagues of players who have been told if they go play as scrubs in the NHL, there will hell to pay. In my opinion, they should sit and spin.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not on the owners side either. And being a Red Wings fan, I know that my team helped drive these salaries up with a drive to win. And in reality, with a salary cap in place, does anyone believe the Wings won’t still be spending a boatload? I guess I’m not that much against a salary cap. The Wings would have to pay a luxury tax if their payroll was greater than a certain amount, which I guess would go to teams that didn’t go over? I guess I don’t understand the whole thing. Why do the owners even have to have the players union agree to a salary cap? Just make an agreement between themselves on what the cap is. I guess maybe this is sounding like I’m leaning toward the owners side. Maybe, but in reality I hate them all. I just want to see some bloody hockey.

Since I moved away from where I think is the best place I ever lived, I’ve had no direct access to watching hockey. Before moving back home, I could go out and watch a live minor league game. If I would have stayed there, I probably would have season tickets by now. Or maybe not, I got paid crap at that other place. But regardless, I’d still be seeing some now and then.

This is the time of the year where I would start being able to see more games on ESPN. This was always the time when the Wings/Avs would renew the rivalry. Though let’s face it, not many Avs left from the original rivalry.

I’m very bummed and depressed tonight. Next the trade deadline will come. Always a time of interest to see what next big star would be putting on the winged wheel. By the way, my seven year old drew me a winged wheel picture just by looking at a picture of it. I was very impressed, I couldn’t draw it. I have it hanging at work now. And come to think of it, hockey isn’t the first thing it reminds me of.

I got this really sweet picture collage of the Red Wings for Christmas that my brother-in-law made for me. I have yet to come up with a place to hang it, but oh is it kickin. Perhaps if I figure out how to put pictures in this thing, I show it here someday.


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