The Amazing Vice

Well, the freakin annoying model couple won The Amazing Race. Kris and John came in second. They were the ones who deserved to win but as usual, annoying people triumph a lot of the time. Oh well, three more weeks until the next race begins.
Player 3 had a rough time in Blackbeard tonight. His first pirate was deposed by a mutiny, second lost in a duel soon after, and the third went down with scurvy. All in probably less than an hour of play tonight. This game definately has a different feel than most. I should be interesting to play with other humans. I’m still finding missed rules.
Big news that I heard tonight was that Miami Vice season one is now on DVD. The reviewer was somewhat dissappointed with the special features. Miami Vice was one of those fringe series that I probably normally wouldn’t have been allowed by my parents to watch. Sex, violence, and rock n roll. But for some reason I remember my dad and me watching the pilot episode. And what a pilot it was! I was hooked as I was very much into detectives and crime fighting at that point in my life. I think it was the first series that made music such an integral part of the show. The soundtrack was the first music tape that I ever purchased.


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