Learning Blackbeard

Over the past couple of days, I’ve been playing Blackbeard down in the basement. I cleaned up my area so I could put a table here dedicated to having a game setup all the time. I’m going to play this with my nephews in a couple weeks, so this setup is mainly to get a grasp of the game mechanics.

WOW! This is quite a game. For those of you who grew up on Avalon Hill, you’ll appreciate how in depth the rules go and how easy it is to miss something. I’m still catching things as I browse through them now after playing a little.

I can see that I need to make up some cheat sheets for certain actions. I get tired of constantly having to grab the rulebook, and I think it could be greatly simplified with just a little flowchart for certain actions. Some things really make me think I’m doing something wrong. Like when warships attempt to intercept a pirate, it’s about impossible for the intercept to be successful unless a pirate has had their speed decreased through storm/hull damage. Maybe that’s the intent but I don’t know.

I’m simulating a game with four players, just so a lot can happen. I still haven’t used King’s Commissioners or had a duel, so I’ll have to force those soon. This game could take a while. I played probably 3 hours on Sunday and a half hour yesterday and I’ve finally had a pirate die. Keep in mind that each player gets to play 3 pirates. Of course, I’m still learning this, so it can only speed up.


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