February Poker Night

I think I’ve got a lot to say today, so hopefully I remember it all.

As I mentioned earlier this week, Friday night was the poker night of the month. We played 6 games of Texas Hold-em. The first 4 games of each session are the point games that count for our season. I came in holding down 6th place with my 18 points. We had 11 players so some big points were there for the taking. I finally broke the seal and won game 2 for 110 points. Sweet! A lot of pressure off my back, since I hadn’t won a game in a couple of sessions. I don’t what position I’m in now, but I’ll post it as soon as I know.

Game 2 was the most enjoyable game I’ve played in a long time. A lot of up and down in chip count during this one. As usually happens during the games that I do well in, I get really absorbed into them and can’t really remember much of how I got to the end. I know I was pretty low in chips at one point and battled back to a slight chip lead when we were down to 3 players. I offered a 3 way split, but one didn’t want it. So I preceded to knock out the one who would have accepted a split. The one who declined before now wanted a split, but I said it was too late for that now. He was able to take a couple pots from me that didn’t feel right until I tried to bluff a pot with just a 5-9. He went all in to call me with two over cards I believe. I paired the 9 and ended up winning my first game of the season. I was very happy and relieved.

The other 3 point games were won by the same person. So with 330 points in one night he’s comfortably in first place. He was pretty much unconcious the whole evening and had an unholy alliance with the river card, somehow always catching just what he needed at the last instance. For those of you not familiar with Hold-em terminology, the “river” is the 5th card that is dealt to the community cards. It’s the last chance for you to make your hand.

My most memorable hand of the night involved this individual, who I’ll refer to as Unholy to protect the innocent of some other names he was called during the night. I was probably down to about 25-29 chips from my starting 40 chips. As was characteristic of my evening, I just wasn’t getting much in the way of cards. I wasn’t really even able to get very creative with what I’d get. I’d lasted through the first 9 deals of the game, we’d probably lost 3-4 players already, when the deal came to me. Imagine my suprise when I dealt myself two aces in the hole (bullets as their called).

Now most in my poker group believe that pocket pairs are one of the worst starting hands you can have. They say that with only two other aces that could possibly improve your hand, not counting a longshot straight or flush. Now I somewhat agree with that, but the odds say that that pair of bullets will win the majority of the time, and I can’t very well turn down their aura of power. I love playing pocket aces, either slow to milk out the chips or big to steal away the pot. I hadn’t decided how to play them yet, until I saw a lot of big bets in front of me. A lot of chips were on the table, and I needed a big upswing in chips soon if I was going to survive against the big stacks. So this decision was pretty much made for me. All in!

Two other players followed me. Unholy had plenty more chips than me, so he could easily call. The other player had to go all in to call. They both turned over their cards with much bravado toward each other, almost acting like I didn’t exist in this hand. Which made it all the more satisfying to turn over the bullets. They were definately up against the wall, but said something about pocket pairs not holding up, still clinging to their hope.

Unholy had something like jack-6. I can’t remember what the other guy had. So we go to the flop, J-2-8. Of course, things can never be easy for me. Another jack and he beats me. The turn (4th community card) comes as a queen. This effectively eliminates the other player since the best he could get would be a pair of something.

So I just need to avoid the “river of dreams” and “disappointment” and I’m back in this game in a big way. The other two times I’ve had pocket aces I’ve had some scares but I came out on top. Unholy had already made an amazing amount of miracle river draws up to this point. So I figured (hoped?) his luck couldn’t hold.

The river card was turned over…

Lucky bastard!!!!!!
I’ve rambled enough for today I think. So I’ll save my other thoughts for tomorrow, maybe.


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