Battleball Draw

I haven’t gotten any Hold-em practice in. But I’m more dissappointed by forgetting to watch the poker tournament on the Travel channel last night. That usually gives me just as good a warm up as playing on the computer. I don’t really have any special strategy going into tomorrow’s games. I’m not even as excited as I normally am. Hopefully, my newly found calmness can be used to my advantage. Look for a review of my most memorable hand of the night on Saturday.
Played Battleball against the girlywogs today. I wrote up a session report on BoardGameGeek, so if anybody is interested check it out when it shows up. It was a lot of fun. I let them each have a move, so their team got to move twice to my one. The game came down to a final roll which ended in a tie. Pretty exciting. We’ll definately try out that rule again.


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