Month Anniversary

I’m exhausted. Not only because the youngest has been a handful during the nights for I can’t remember how long, but because tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race (my favorite show period) was quite nerve racking. We’re big John and Kris fans here, and they had a rough night of it with taxi cabs. Luckily they were still able to come in 3rd out of 4. It was a non-elimination round, but having your money taken away in China would be about a death sentence.
With this post, I’ve made a straight month of posts without missing a day. For some reason, I thought this would be a good thing to achieve when starting this blog. I’ll probably kind of cut it back a little, to every other night or couple of nights. I’d like to thank my reader for sticking with me this month. I’ll understand if you move on to scratchings in the bathroom.
This friday is the the second session for the poker tour that I’m a part of at work. I really need to get buckle down and start making some top 2 finishes, since that’s where the big points are. I had two 3rd place finishes out of 4 points games last time, but my measly little 18 points won’t hold up for long if I don’t start putting some big points up. Now granted, as long as I’m putting up some points that’s good, but I don’t like holding down the rear. Only the top 6 + a loser make the final table, and I don’t want to have to claw my way in from the loser’s table.

Anywho, I should be playing a little this week to get in tune with my inner Daniel Negreanu. I’ve got a pretty neat little computer hold-em game that’s enjoyable. I’m playing the 2003 Championship that Moneymaker won currently.
I’ve completed the user interface chapter and am on to sound. That’s another area that I’ve never gotten into when it comes to programming. Should be interesting.


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