Late post here. Wasn’t even going to bother with one today, but I want to have a daily post at least for the first month of this blog. Don’t ask me why, I just feel the need.

Anyway, last night turned out to be a nice night with just ourselves at home. The wife-al unit turned around and came home because of the slippery rodes and our friends did the same. So it was just the family at home in front of the fireplace. Good times. Good times. Before the wife-al unit came back, I had gotten some subs for the girlywogs and myself. The girls talked me into eating them in front of the tv watching SpongeBob Squarepants. I’m a sucker for that little sponge. 🙂
Worked my way through chapter 2 last night and today. It was on 2D graphics and such. Learned about double buffering and page flipping. That’s probably the most in depth I’ve ever gotten on the graphics front. The author provides a framework to handle a lot of it, so it’s not like I have to get down and dirty with it. But if I have to, at least I’ll have some understanding of it.

I’m not really into playing with the graphics side of programming. I never have been. I remember that my Tandy Color Computer 3 (late version of a Trash-80) came with a pretty good size book that taught programming in BASIC. I tore through the first half of the book. However, the second half was all about creating graphics and making them do things. If I recall correctly, I skipped all those sections.

I just wasn’t in to it. I blame it on my interest, at the time, in the text based adventure games, like Zork and such. I can’t remember the name of the game right now, but to this day, it’s probably the only computer game that I actually solved the whole way through. Take that back, I did beat Eye of the Beholder 1.

I even had started programming a baseball game and not once thought about creating any graphical aspect of it. Oh, I wonder how would my life be different, if I would have just tore into the second half of that first programming book, the way I did the first half.


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