Surviving the snow

I suprisingly received the books I ordered today. It always amazes me how quickly they get here. Amazon’s current order status must be a very conservative estimate. I put “Just a Geek” next to the bed. It will be a winding down type of book for me. Hopefully it’s as good as the last two books I used for that capacity (Linus Torvalds biography and a gaming history book).

Started reading my game programming book (“Developing Games in Java”) after lunch, sitting by the fire. Got through chapter 1 which was on threads. Only thing new for me so far was the concept of a threadpool, which I guess I need to see in action or play with the test demo. I’ve never used thread before but I understand what their used for. I think synching threads could become quite a chore for a complex program.

I dozed off into a cat nap before I could start chapter 2 and since then I’ve been cruising the internet. I should hit the basement and organize my computer area a little bit, but who knows.

I also printed out the rules for my nephew’s Blackbeard game. I plan to read through them again, highlight things to remember, and make notes so that I will be fully ready when we give it a go. I should really play the solitaire version, but again that would take quite an effort.

It’s been snowing quite well for a couple hours. I need to take a movie back soon unless the wife-al unit does that on the way to a money spending party. We need some milk too. Have to see if I can get my lazy self moving.
Big fight tonight in the Pit world. Two of the baddest fighters from nearly the biggest rivalry in the league go at it for the first time ever tonight. The way things have been going of late, is that when big fighters face each other, one is surely going to be injured in some way. The reason most surely is because with the ability to take more damage their chances are increased of taking multiple critical hits, and the more of those they take in one battle the more likely they could die.

I’m having the fight broadcast ealier tonight since we may have some friends over later that we haven’t seen for quite. I’ve been doing these broadcasts(?) by just copying the fights line by line into an MSN Messenger window with all the interested parties invited in. With my recent interest in podcasts, I’ve had the thought of figuring out how to do that and broadcasting the fights that way. But, that would do away with the interaction of the others as the fights are going on. Perhaps I should learn flash and create something that would re-enact the fights in some 80’s style animation. Makes me think of the old game Hillsfar when you’d go fight in the arena.


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