The Answer is Marriage

I actually have felt pretty alive tonight. As opposed the normal dead and decaying feeling? Oh well, maybe I just feel good. Rode the bike for my normal 15 minutes tonight, averaging 60 rpms the whole time. I’m very suprised that I’ve kept it up this long. It feels pretty good after I’m done to have got the old heart pumping.
My love affair with the iPod is still going strong. I’m really getting into these podcasts. I’m actually listening to them more at work than my music. Really enjoyed the GeekSpeak podcast that Shindo referred me to. I’ve also been listening to the Dawn and Drew Show (a bit racy), DragonPage, Daily Source Code (I know, it’s that old MTV veejay, but it’s not bad), and some other stuff. I’ve gotten some IT Conversations but I’ve been a bit dissappointed with them. Nothing of interest to me.

By the way, I’ve imported the CD case that I used to have at work. Now I’ll have to move on to the other countless CD cases strewn throughout the house.
So the wife-al unit was trying to clean off our eternally messy kitchen table, while I was working on getting supper around. She said to me without looking, “You ever do something that just seemed like it would never end?” Or something to that affect in a somewhat frustrated manner. I looked at her and said, “Marriage?”

Needless to say, it took her a while before she turned my way and she wasn’t amused. I thought it was my best comment of the entire day. It even beat the Yu-Gi-Oh episode that I made up and told the girly-wogs about. 🙂


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