Disposal Defeat

Well, the saga of man versus the garbage disposal has come to end. I’ve given up. The o-ring that I ordered for it arrived yesterday. Actually two did, since I wanted to have an extra one just in case. After wrestling with the thing for a couple of hours, I waved the white flag. I lost count the number of times I took it apart and put it back together, but I just couldn’t get the damn o-ring to completely seal enough where it won’t leak when I turn it on. The best I could get it is as it is now. A couple small dribbles when your running it. I moved a step closer to white trashdom as I put the bucket under the sink and explained the rules to the wife-al unit. We’ll probably eventually get a new one, I’ve got another gift certificate for Lowe’s. I was just fed up. Started thinking that maybe I shouldn’t have taken it apart in the first place. Never again.
By the way, my php config fix for my initial post time coming up didn’t work. For instance, I’m posting this around 17:10 and the initial time on my post came up as 02:10 before I changed it. So NewYork must not be right. Maybe it’s NewDehli time? Any PHP help that knows what I have wrong?


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