The calm before the storm

Yeah, yeah, the big storm is supposed to start tonight and pretty much last all day tomorrow. All the weather men have hard ons and that’s all you’ll here about on the local news. All it means to me is that I’m gonna have to go out in the cold tomorrow and snow blow the driveway and sidewalk. Yippee! At least I’ve got that snow blower. šŸ™‚
A few more iPod comments. The only drawbacks I’ve found so far.
I’ve got the 20 gig version but under info it shows that I’ve got 18.5 gig. I’m guessing that’s somehow caused by the Windows formatting or something. The only other thing, that’s probably really separate from the iPod, is the ear buds that came with it have a crackling in the left ear. I don’t know whether I need to take it back to Best Buy or do something with Apple. It’s no big deal. At work I use a different set of ear phones. But at home, that cracklin is enough to drive me mad.

I’m up to over a gig already. Getting scared my entire collection won’t fit…
For some reason the last couple of times we’ve tried to burn wood in the fireplace the smoke has backed up, not exiting out the chimney. Yes, we’ve had the damper open, and I can see light when I peek up into the fireplace. Tomorrow, I’m going to run the lighted gas for a while, to warm up the chimney and then try some wood. If that doesn’t work, I guess I’m at a loss. I’ll have to call the neighbor and see if they’ve ever encountered this.
Personal punchlist for the weekend

1. Import CD’s – I’ll be doing this for the next many moons
2. Figure out how to make the time correct on my blog
3. Do something in Java – may be I can elaborate on that tomorrow

I probably won’t get any of these done, but hey, it’s good to have goals.


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