"One cart enter, two carts leave" and the iPod post finally

Well, here it is. After one night of being up too late and night having the time to give an adequate review, and another night after losing the perfect post, I’ll finally be able to convey the joy that this little square rectangle has given me. Granted it won’t be near as good as the original post that I tried to make.

This thing is the coolest! I had some slight trouble starting out. I guess since the iPod is an Apple product and I’m using it with a Windoze PC, it needs formatted so Windoze can read and write to it. So when I started the iTunes install, it asked me to connect the iPod. It saw that it needed to format the unit. I hit format and…4-5 hours later it was still saying it was formatting. I was afraid to disconnect it because it said “Do not disconnect”. But after some careful prodding my Apple guru (Thanks Jim!), I disconnected and started the process over. This time the format took like 30 seconds.

This is probably the slickest tech device I’ve ever owned. Put a CD in, iTunes imports into my music collection, repeat with more CD’s, connect the iPod and it syncs with all the music in my collection. It uses that CDDB internet thing to associate artist, album, song title, and genre. So you can easily navigate through to find exactly what you want.

I absolutely love this thing. I’ve got 20 gigs to use and I haven’t even scratched it yet. I’ll be busily importing CDs for the next year. I’m hoping I will be able to store my entire music library on it, so I don’t have to make choices of what to cut out.

I’m high on Apple right now. If I hadn’t already shot my wad on my iPod, who knows, maybe I’d run out and get the new Mac Mini.


Went to the Wallie-world tonight to fill up on groceries. Not because I’m scared of the storm that’s said to be on the way, mind you, but just because we were out of food. It always makes me laugh to see all these people running around fighting each other for the last loaf of bread. Get a grip, people! Bread’s not going to keep you alive. Grab the Ho-Ho’s!

And besides, who can’t live for two or three days on those cans in the back of your cupboards. You know, the ones that lost their labels. I firmly believe that a week of being snowed in is probably the only way a good cleaning of the food cupboards would get done.

So any way I knew going into this expedition that I would be flirting with two cart terroritory here. The wife had made out the grocery list and it was big enough to start with. But I pride myself on being able to fit all the pieces from the list and also all the extra items that accidentally fall into my cart. I guess it’s the engineer in me. I love the challenge of the grocery cart jigsaw puzzle.

Remember the chant from Mad Max: Thunderdome? “Two men enter, one man leave.” I made it to the checkout with everything in one cart. Mission accomplished! But, of course, when a cart filled so full there’s no air pockets left, once they bag it, it won’t fit in just one cart. So my chant was “One cart enter, two carts leave!”


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  1. Shindo Hilkaru Says:

    Packing the cart properly is an ART FORM! My wife just throws stuff in there, with no regard to efficient space utilization! I bet I could take a full three carts that she packed HER way, and fit it all in one cart, and still have room left over for two cases of coke!

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