Busy Day

Well, my day off was more tiresome than a regular day of work. A day of shopping just wears me out. Used a gift certificate that we were given for Christmas to eat at Red Lobster. Yummy! Then store upon store made my ankle hurt. Most importantly though I picked up an IPod! My first product from Apple. It’s charging right now and I haven’t had the time to start ripping CD’s to the computer for download, so I probably won’t be able to take it to work tomorrow. So tomorrow night, I’m looking forward to beginning my playlist. Also picked up the new Green Day CD.

I also got a haircut and put together a rack to hold all our DVD’s. I actually just sat down. And it’s about time to head for bed to work tomorrow.

Oh, I’m going to have to order a new O-ring for my stinkin garbage disposal. It’s strange how much you miss the convenience of just throwing stuff down the drain.


2 Responses to “Busy Day”

  1. Shindo Hikaru Says:

    Which iPod did you get?

  2. floydwing Says:

    You already know now, but for anybody else, its the 20GB iPod.

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