Handy Man – Day Two

Well, the adventures of Floydwing the Handyman decided to continue today. Things are still looking good with the faucet, no leaks. I was going to put things back under the sink, when I remembered that our garbage disposal had been making more of a labored grinding noise than the normal smooth destruction of food particles. So I decided to fix it. I’ve taken it apart twice before and wasn’t very concerned about it.

I took it apart, got it turning smoothly again, put it back together, and hooked it back up. I turned on some water and turned on the disposal, and it leaked… So, I took it apart, adjusted the O-ring, hooked it back up, tested it, and it leaked… Repeat the previous sentence until your cussing and blood pressure has risen to dangerous levels.

Running to my trusty hardware store didn’t help, they don’t carry O-rings that big. I’d have to order it. I didn’t have the model number handy, and I’m going to be heading to Findlay tomorrow anyway. So we’ll see if that can help me. I should have just let it go today. Doing that sort of stuff, when it doesn’t go well, just makes it seem like I accomplished nothing and wasted a day.
I’m using a vacation day already tomorrow. I can blame it on my wife. She suggested it. The kids are off school tomorrow so I can spend a little extra time with them. Also, for part of the day, they’ll be at their grandparents, and the wife and I are heading to Findlay. Have a few essentials that we need to pick up, but what I’m most excited about looking for is an IPod at Best Buy. So unless, I wimp out from sticker shock, I should have one tomorrow night. So look for that in tomorrow’s post. I’ve got a gift card, so that should help, right?


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