Flood Update

Well, from what I’ve heard things went better than expected. The Blanchard actually crested last night and has been receding slowly all day. So Ottawans are very happy. And so am I since a lot of people I work with live in that area.

I remember when we first moved back into the area and were looking at houses. The main concern we kept hearing about when we’d see a house in Ottawa would always be whether the house was in the flood zone. If it was it would require us to get flood insurance for it. There were quite a few houses for sale at the time, and as you could guess alot in the flood zone. They were usually a great deal price wise for what you got except for that flood zone thing.

I’ve forgotten my exercise update this week. I’ve ridden the bike every weekday this week and plan to keep on doing it too. I think I’ve maybe lost a couple pounds so far.


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