A Surreal Morning and afternoon

A strange morning to wake up to this morning. It had been thunderstorming through the night and I woke up to fog and lightning, a combination that I can’t ever remember seeing. This warm weather in January has been a wonderful thing, if only it would stop raining for a change. Driving in to work was a trip. Everytime it would lightning the fog would light up all around. I wish I could have went out in the country with a lawn chair and just watched it for a while.

Well, tonight was the end of my 3 day grilling spree. We had hamburgers and hot dogs a couple times, and chicken the other night. Normally, I grill year round, but I haven’t grilled for quite a while, just not in the mood. But as warm as these last couple days have been I had to take advantage of it.

I gave a tour at work today to some guys from another steel company in East Chicago, Indiana. I’m normally not a big fan of giving tours and I avoid them like the plague, but this one was for some guys who do roughly the same thing that I do. It turned out not so bad. I was concerning the system I took over about 15 months ago, and even though I still don’t feel like I know the system that well, I was able to answer all their questions that concerned me. It’s nice sometimes to be able to explain what you do to your peers.


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