Tonight was a very entertaining evening for me. For once I wasn’t the target of my children’s laughter.

My wife was very happy today because she received these rain boots called “Wellies”. Maybe very happy isn’t the word. Maybe it should be gushing. I don’t know what the big deal is. I used to have a pair of green and yellow boots when I was young. I think we called them “Sh&* Kickers” back then. Granted they were uglier than these Wellies, but they served their purpose.

Anyways, somehow my girls, especially the oldest, got it in their heads that these Wellies were funny things, and began making fun of their mother over them. Now this tickled me so because normally I’m getting the “geek” or “nerd” moniker when they get in this mood. But I was totally bypassed tonight, and could sit and enjoy it and put in a crack now and then.

I even came up with an idea for a new cartoon or series of children books, “Wellie World”. Once I get a major deal from the entertainment industry I’ll let you know.

On a side note, I got an ZDNet alert today about the new IPod Shuffle. I’m quite tempted. It’s very small and the top version holds roughly 240 songs. Just what I’ve been looking for for work. The only thing I might not like is you can only play it in the order you loaded it or randomly. This might be alright. I might miss being able to select what I want or have a certain playlist play. You know, I need that big pick-me-up playlist in the morning.


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