Whoops! Forgot to post this one.

I don’t have all that much to say today. I rode the bike after a 2 day sickness break from it. That sucked. It felt like the first time again. So I need to try to ride everyday to keep building up that stamina.

Last night had to been about the worst night of sleep I’ve had in a long time. I slept, but I would wake up like every 20 minutes. I actually didn’t feel too bad when I got up, but was exhausted most of the day.

I want to get the new Green Day CD. I really like that Boulevard of Broken Dreams song of theirs.

My eldest got some Yu-Gi-Oh cards and I tried to teach it to her yesterday. We got a little ways into it, and she got bored so we quit. And I was just about to start kicking butt. 😉 The game is okay, I’m still not concrete on the mechanics. I think MtG was probably a better game. But Yug’s got some neat concepts too.


2 Responses to “Monday”

  1. Shindo Hikaru Says:

    MtG was, and will always be the best of the CCGs. I still have all of my cards from way back when, anyone want a Mox???

  2. FloydWing Says:

    I wish I still had my cards. I got fed up with them constantly coming out with more powerful card sets that you needed to buy to stay competative and just cracked. I sold my collection for like a $100. I was very happy with my decision at the time, but every now and then I miss the joy of tweaking my deck and battling it out with somebody. There was one night when I was playing 3 player from dusk to dawn against Faithless and Rasoli and didn’t lose a game. Good times.

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