Highlander: Waste of Time

I saw about the last hour of Highlander:Endgame this morning. It reminded me just how bad a movie can be and how much the movie industry tries to milk every last dime out of a franchise. The original Highlander had a great concept and story. The three sequels that followed must have been written by someone’s 6 year old who never saw the original.

In the second we find out that an alien race sends their troublemakers to Earth and that’s how there are immortals. It was quite annoying.

The third was basically a remake of the first, right down to a copy of the original Kurgan joyride. Really, I think it was to give Mario Van Peebles some work. It somewhat invalidated parts in the first and second movies.

And the finale (we hope!), joined the movies with the series, with an ending that makes the first 3 movies unable to have happened. I’m sure the makers were laughing at the people who went to see it. By that time, I didn’t even bother going to see it in the theater. I rented it just for completeness, and felt robbed of time for having watched it. It was so bad, that watching some of it today, I had remembered hardly any parts in it.

I really just wish they would have decided that one was enough.


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