Feel Crappy

I’ve been fighting head and chest congestion all week, and today’s a little bit worse than normal. The warm liquid I’ve been pouring down my throat hasn’t seemed to clear it up but I’m surviving. It’s not enough, though, to ruin a day away from work. I doubt I’ll ride the bike today, because of the way I feel and because I had a little workout clearing off the snow.

The Pit forum http://www.igniche.com/pit has been buzzing today with more posting than usual. Pit is a little email/web type game that I run, primarily to keep in touch with my friends. It requires a lot of manual data entry on my part. My ultimate goal, however, is for it to be self running with little interaction from myself, other than modifications and bug fixes. I’d like the players to be able to log in and do their turns and have the system update and post everything. I know it’s probably not that hard of a thing to do for something this simple, but it comes down to a laziness and time thing. Someday… Another problem is I like to add things to the current game, and enhancements and porting are kind of at odds with each other. I am planning on starting a port to Java soon though. Either that or start a new game project in Java. I figure I’ll make use of Tomcat, servlets, and JSP’s. Perhaps that’s what I should use for my Pirate game idea.

Oh well, I need to save the fire and go do something. The kids are occupied and the wife just left, so now would be a great time for PC gaming or Linux experimentation.

By the way, can anybody tell me what a trackback is on this thing?


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