There was a picture in the newspaper yesterday showing emergency workers at the scene of an accident. With all the ice we’ve had lately, it seems a tree limb broke off right as a truck was driving underneath it. It just got me thinking about the way things turn out. Why did that limb break off right at that instant? If the driver had forgotten something and had to go back into their house before leaving, they would have missed it. Or perhaps if the driver hadn’t had to go to the bathroom before leaving, they would have missed it. It’s unfathomable how many things had to fall into place just right (maybe right isn’t a good word in this case) for that truck to be under that limb at precisely that time. If they would have stopped at that one stoplight instead of coasting through on yellow. If Mrs. Williams had decided to call a few minutes sooner, she would have caught the driver before they left. What about the countless other people who were delayed, where if they wouldn’t have maybe our unlucky driver would have had to wait for them somewhere on the road.

It’s a wacky thing this fate. What if I had been sick the first night I met my eventual wife and had to cancel the date? Would she or I have met someone else before we rescheduled? If so, would fate have worked so that we still would have ended up together? What if our kids wouldn’t have been conceived on the night they were? Would they be themselves, or someone totally different?

I believe you make your own fate and our destinies aren’t pre-determined, but you gotta admit, a lot of things had to go just so for that truck to be in the wrong place at the right time.


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