I’m ready to scream. After sitting and writing a post, I find out there must be some sort of timeout for being logged in, because when I tried to submit the post it asked for login credentials again. My entire post was lost. I guess I either need to compose these things offline or copy my posts into the clipboard before submitting.

My original post was just complaining about Lost and Alias. Let me summarize.
Did everyone just give up searching for the pregnant girl?
Why did we waste a whole episode just to have Kate get some toy plane that belonged to some that she loved and killed?
At least next episode we get to see somebody get eaten.
The Alias gang is now part of a CIA black ops unit, which is good.
Why didn’t we get to see Sloane and his daughter go do whatever they did?
I don’t remember the cliffhanger, either because it was so long ago or because it sucked, but we didn’t get to see anything from that.
When the heck did we find out that Sydney’s mother was killed by her father?
I’m getting totally annoyed and lost by this show. I’m sure I’ll keep watching though. It almost seems like I need to start taking notes so I can piece things together.


Rode the bike today: check.
My week of eating healthy will be rewarded tomorrow, because I’m going to eat at Mexican Village for lunch. Yum!


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