Poker Tour Kick-off

Today we started our newly designed poker circuit with the guys from work I play with. We’ve made rules to keep track of point standings for the course of 10 nights (40 matches). As seems to be the case with these, the food was better than the time before. We had chili, nacho dip, and 4 different styles of wings from Jed’s in Bowling Green. Very yummy!

Most memorable hand of the day for me went something like this:
I believe this is the 3rd game and I’ve made it to the final 3 players. I’m in the points at this point, but I gunning for the win. I start with K-x in the hole. The flop comes K-K-x. I’ve got 3 kings and I’m thinking to slow play this one, since I figure one of my opponents likes to bet. I act first and check. I kick myself as the other two check behind me.

Oh well, the turn card comes but doesn’t help me. There are now three diamonds on the table. I’m not concerned about the flush possibility since there wasn’t any betting after the flop and decide I’ll try to slow play one more time. I check. The player after me checks, but the 2nd comes through for me with a 30 chip bet. I’m very happy that this worked for me and without hesitation I go all in.

The player behind me folds, and now my final opponent attempts to stare me down. A chip count shows that I have 6 more chips than him. This is looking good for me. If I take this hand, then all I have to do is take 30 chips from the other guy for that 1st place finish. I’m trying to will him to call me. I even try to fake like I’m swallowing hard, trying to make him think I’m bluffing. He finally calls.

We flip our cards and I see he’s got a small pair. But then my only worry is that one of his cards is a diamond. It’s his only hope. Surely it cannot happen.

It does. I’m left with 6 chips which are easily lost in the next hand. Oh well. The river card is usually unkind to me. Especially today, as out of the five games we played, I lost the critical hand on the river card four times.

I still finish with two 3rd place finishes which gets me in the point standings with 18 points.

On a side note, the wife and I played some hold-em last night. I figure I’ll keep a running tab here. Me – 2 her – 1.


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